Cosmetic Dentistry

Our mission is to give you a worry-free, gleaming smile. Benefit from treatments such as bleaching, veneers, teeth alignment and all-ceramic dentures – we can help you achieve the perfect smile with visible results. Our treatment procedure begins with a full consultation and relies on close work with the dental laboratory.

If you would like to receive specialist advice, technical experts can also attend your individual colour consultation and other consultations at the practice. Your satisfaction is our top priority.


Want to give your smile a pearly white glow with lasting, tailor-made results? Look no further! We use bleaching technology, to achieve quick yet lasting results and give you the natural, gleaming smile you deserve.

We can also use this technology to whiten your teeth before inserting veneers or dentures. 


Do you avoid showing your true smile on camera for fear of exposing your teeth? Veneers offer one of the best ways to achieve a worry-free smile. The thin layers made from ceramic are applied onto previously slightly filed teeth to improve their appearance. Veneers can help align teeth (also closing any gaps) and fix their colour with results that last for years and even decades. Say cheese!

Update: April 2024